When I started a blog about six years ago, I had to lean heavily … like a dying car battery on life support … on my daughter to get me jumpstarted. Phrases and words like web hosting, domains and plugins meant absolutely nothin’ to me. Actually … they still don’t. Of course, I was willing to take that ginormous leap off the gangplank to learn to poke all the right buttons on my keyboard to spit out a decent-looking blog post. Let me just say it took more than one set of jumper cables to launch that blog. Because of her gentle patience with me, a grateful mother is recommending Katie for sainthood.

Fast forward to the present. I have obviously not mastered the whole “tech thing.” My son still grabs my cell phone to close all my open apps.

“Mom … you have like 100 apps open,” Ricky sighs.

Oops! He also updates anything on my cell phone I have neglected to update. When the Apple app asks to be updated “now” or “later,” I always opt for later. Don’t you? I just figure the next time I see Ricky will be soon enough.

I have made progress in some techie respects. Take the world of Uber. Yep … to my way of thinkin’ the word “Uber” screams techie. Katie and I took a mother/daughter trip recently to Nashville. Like Elvis, it is the land where Uber and Lyft are king. I think we saw two taxi cabs in three days. I totally got the hang of “calling” for a ride using Uber by watching Katie. On the last day of our visit, I even downloaded the app. I mean … why should she have all the fun?

Did I mention there is this whole world of airline travel that has me a tad nervous? I know how to use my own computer to check-in online and even print a boarding pass. That is easy. But there is the return trip! That is where I choke. Have you seen a traveler check-in at the gate before boarding the plane using their cell phones and wondered … could I do that? Looks so easy. But what if the gatekeeper’s little screen did not beep in a pleasant way when it was my turn? Would a TSA agent swoop in like an eagle with sharp talons and haul me away?

Visiting Ricky recently in Michigan, I asked if he ever used a phone version of a boarding pass.

“I usually just print it at the airport,” he counseled.

Hmmm … while I pondered his suggestion, there was a virtual tap on my shoulder. It suggested now might be a great time to check out the phone version of the boarding pass. I mean … if it didn’t work, the worst that could happen is I’d be staying a few more days with Ricky. So I downloaded the airline app … checked in for our flight … and pretty soon I was staring at my virtual boarding pass with all its squiggly black lines. I proudly showed it to Ricky and, like taking a sharp pin to an overinflated balloon, he popped my bubble.

“You better put that boarding pass into your wallet on your phone. If you lose your connection you won’t be able to call up the boarding pass,” warned Ricky.

My wallet? I turned my cell phone over and over. I did not see a spot for a wallet on my cell phone. No little hidden slots … no nothin’.

Next techie learning experience. There is a “wallet” app on my cell phone. Never noticed it before. After a few clinks, I snagged my boarding pass into my virtual wallet. And it worked just fine. I was so excited, I shared with the airline lady behind the counter when we dropped our bags.

“This is my first time for me to use the boarding pass on my phone,” I grinned, like that cat in “Alice in Wonderland.”

Knowing my techie kids will be there to pull me from the edge of the rickety gangplank, I can’t wait to jump with both feet into my next techie adventure.

Dixie Frantz
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